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Things you Must Eat in Oxford

Cheese 'n' truffle fries

Oxford is a historical city with a lot of famous restaurants. The city’s best selection of independent restaurants can be found in East Oxford, especially the area on and around Cowley Road. A list of things you must eat in Oxford is discussed below.

Pizza Artisan

Tea and Cake at the Ashmolean:

Devour our occasional dishes and evening tea over the lovely perspectives from our Rooftop Restaurant or stop off for a freshly prepared feast in the Ashmolean.

A scotch egg at Pint Shop:

This cuisine is great for food lovers who like to try out new food trends. The runny-yolk scotch eggs are delicious but a little messy.

A slice of pizza at Pizza Artisan:

Pizzas at this renowned street food van Pizza Artisan is delightful and a must-try dish in Oxford. The pizzas are made with only a few fresh ingredients, but the taste is worth waiting in the queue.

Momo at Yeti:

Yeti is a Nepalese food joint located at the Cowley Road. Yeti is highly rated by the locals, mainly because of the momos in Yeti. Momos is a south Asian food item that can be filled with anything from meat to paneer and cheese.

Pork Shank at Moya:

The only Slovakian Restaurant of the Oxford is the Moya. It has the amazing dish, Pork Shank. The pork is cooked for several hours until the meat falls off the bone, the Pork is then served with beer sauce and potato gratin.

Scones at Vaults and Garden café:

As the name recommends the cafe spans Oxford’s ‘old assemblage house’ – the vault and a little, yet quiet garden. It’s a busy bistro serving healthy and tasty dinners. The organic scones are coated with fresh jam and cream.

Cheese ‘n’ truffle fries at Rickety Press:

This pub at Oxford is famous for its beer and cocktails, but the food here is also delicious and pleasing. The crowd pulling menu includes the most addictive Cheese and truffle fries, burgers, and pizzas.

Biryani at Shezan:

Shezan is a genuine Indian and Balti restaurant, and it is well known for the delicious biryani they serve. The restaurant focuses more on Goan and Mughlai cuisines.

Avocado Toast at George Street Social:

George Street Social is on a mission to offer fantastic food, drink, and hospitality to the good people of Oxford. The avocado toast is a delicious cuisine which comes with a good hit of chili, poached eggs and bacon.

A Thai curry at Oli’s Thai:

Oli’s that offers delicious foods which include chili prawns, aubergine curry, and chicken with garlic, coriander, and pepper. The restaurant’s tables are pre-booked.

Things to Do in Oxford


Oxford is a city in England and the county town of Oxfordshire. The city is known worldwide as the home to the famous University of Oxford. The city also has a wide economic base. Its industries include education, publishing, automobile manufacturing, and a large number of information technology industries. Let’s discuss the things to do in Oxford.


Hire a boat:

Boating is fun and unwinding. It is also an extraordinary approach to spend a radiant evening on the stream. You can employ the skiff for an hour or in case you need to make a day of it, simply remain on the river as long as you like. All boats are hired on a first-come-first-serve basis. An advance booking administration is accessible on the day watercrafts. Self-controlled specialty, (for example, punts) can be pre-requested, however just if more than one is required. The timings of cutting-edge booking cannot be changed once they are held.

Visit the museums:

There are a lot of historical museum to visit in Oxford, which includes the world famous Ashmolean Museum founded in the year 1683, the Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum, the Oxford Museum, and the Museum of the History of Science. The History of Science museum is the home for a blackboard used by Einstein during a lecture in the University of Oxford.

Visit the Oxford Castle:

Oxford castle is an immense place to engage yourself in 1,000 years of history. Visitors are offered a tour in which, they can meet past inmates of Oxford castle and explore their true history.

Take a Cycling tour:

A wonderful way to get around Oxford is a bicycle, there are a lot of bicycle tour options you can choose. The bicycle tour shows you the pedestrianized paramount parts of Oxford which no bus can show you.

Have a tea!

If you’re looking for your everyday dose of refreshment, the Randolph Hotel is the best place. Afternoon tea at the Randolph Hotel is kind of a tradition in Oxford. The Hotel is well-known for the fantastic treats served there.

Visit famous TV and Movie locations:

Oxford is the origin of Alice in Wonderland.  Despite the fact that none of the motion pictures were shot in Oxford, its numerous surroundings, for example, Christ Church College where Alice Liddell lived, inspired Charles Dodgson (otherwise known as Lewis Carroll) in 1862 to compose this charming story.  Along with Christ Church, the New College and Bodleian Libraries were included in the Harry Potter motion pictures.