27 Mar 2018

10 steps of a facial spa

Sebum is a complex substance produced by the sebaceous glands and secreted to the surface of the skin through its pores. Form, along with sweat, a film called hydrolipidic mantle, whose functions are: limit the loss of water, regulate the degree of hydration and prevent the proliferation of microorganisms on the skin. The hydro lipids are the first line of defence of the skin. It is composed, as its name indicates, by a mixture of water and lipids (free fatty acids, triglycerides and cholesterol among others). You can vary its proportion of fat with respect to water, but its components are practically the same in all skins. Although best facial singapore does vary its flow, which is much more abundant in oily skin!

For the best facial singapore the external factors such as pollution, bacteria and the remains of pollution or cosmetics corrupt triglycerides, transforming them into substances harmful to the skin and due to this, it is evident the need to periodically remove excess sebum and sweat, the accumulation of dead cells not desquamated and the remains of accumulated contamination on the skin. As professionals of aesthetics, we always insist on the importance of adopting a daily routine of cleaning and hydration at home, using cleansers and toners specific to each type of skin and need. Similarly, we always advise you to go to your usual beauty salon and perform a deep facial cleansing with each change of season.

The objective of professional facial cleansing is to eliminate the contaminants more intensively, helping the skin to maintain the natural components necessary for an adequate balance of hydration and a correct enzymatic and pH level. It is an essential care that eliminates black spots and dead cells, leaving the skin glowing and luminous. In addition, it fights the effects of external agents that create tension, acne and greasy shine. And most importantly, it leaves the skin ready to get the best results from any other treatment that follows.

While each spa has its own treatment protocols, there are certain steps that are common in professional facials. With the intention of cleaning, improving and pampering your skin, facials serve to relax and rejuvenate.

What is purifying facial cleansing?

It is a deep cleansing treatment of the skin, in which it decongests, extracts and eliminates black spots. It is ideal for the start of any treatment at best facial singapore. Recommended for any age will restore the balance and shine of your skin. It is advisable to carry out, at least one purifying treatment, each change of season.

Benefits of facial cleansing at best facial Singapore

  • Purify and balance, combining two actions: elimination of toxins and normalization of the skin.
  • It regulates sebaceous glands, helps reduce shine and refines pores.
  • Safe and comfortable treatment
  • Non-painful treatment
  • This treatment has no side effects
  • It is recommended for all skin types.


Your beautician will begin the facial treatment by removing all traces of makeup. Once you have removed it, begin to massage with a cleansing milk (or cream, gel or lotion) on the skin of your face, neck and décolleté. Using facial sponges, cloths or cotton swabs, remove the cleaning product with warm water and pat dry the skin.


Cover your eyes with moistened pads in the next step. Using a magnifying glass with light will evaluate your skin. You may lightly pinch your skin to check its elasticity or press it to control its thickness. During this phase, your beautician can tell you their findings and ask you about your skin care regimen and about your expectations regarding facial treatment.


Now that your beautician knows the needs of your skin, choose a cream, a gel, a mask, an exfoliation peel to use on your face. Certain exfoliation products, such as enzyme peels, require that the product remains on your face to dissolve the plugs that cause blackheads. Other products require manual or mechanical stimulation.

Steam at best facial Singapore

Depending on the exfoliation product used, steam will be applied to your face during that phase or after the product is removed. Some spas may use hot wet towels instead of steam. The moist heat loosens the plugs and causes the skin to expel any impurities that may be trapped in the pores.


During the extraction phase, your esthetician will remove the black spots and possibly the pustules. Generally, you will use a magnifying glass with lighting to examine your skin. You can use a blackhead extractor, a stainless steel instrument that allows you to extract them smoothly. Some beauticians prefer to wrap their fingers in cotton to protect your skin while extracting them manually.

Massage at best facial Singapore

The facial massage stimulates and lubricates the skin. Your esthetician can use an oil or lotion during this process. Depending on your training and treatment, you can massage the neck, shoulders, and neckline and/or scalp as well. You can notice that your breasts are clearer and that you feel deeply relaxed after the massage.


Depending on the needs of your skin, your beautician will choose a mask for you. If your skin is oily, you can choose a clay-based mask to extract excess sebum. If your skin is dehydrated, choose one that replenishes moisture. The masks are highly specific and are formulated to address specific skin care needs.

Massages on hands, feet and scalp

During the 10 minutes approximately when you wear the mask, your beautician can massage your hands and arms, your feet and calves and/or your scalp.


Once the mask is removed, your beautician will probably apply a special serum to your skin. Some spas charge an extra price for this step, while others include it as part of the facial. Serums include those that apply to aged skin, to skin with imperfections and to sensitive skin.

Final touches at best facial Singapore

Before accompanying you to the exit, your beautician can apply a specific cream or gel for your skin. You can also apply an eye gel and/or a lip treatment cream.