21 Aug 2018

Addiction of young people by fortnite

Today’s young people tend to obsess easily with anything that gives them entertainment. In this sense, social networks are in first place in terms of addiction. After social networks, the second most common source of addictions among young people are video games, because they represent the immersion of the player in a fictional world where he can do almost anything.

This addiction usually manifests itself mainly in boys and translates into a large number of hours of play that can interfere with the daily activities of the person, as well as with their studies. It is for this reason that you should be careful about how much time you are playing with a console, because this can lead to health problems, which are usually related to the person’s sight and headaches that may have.

In this sense, currently the most popular game is the so-called Fortnite, which has become the most coveted game among the young population, because, it allows to face epic battles between a large number of people who may be located in different places on the planet and whose ultimate goal is to survive at all costs.

This is mostly a free game that is available on several platforms such as Windows and macOS, plus it can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. So, in this world, you can fight in an epic battle, where players seek to survive in a finite territory that begins to shrink as the battle unfolds, so that players meet and confront each other with more ease.

This unique game system is very addictive for young people, because it provides a good battle experience that is combined with humor, which is shown from the avatars of each player, which perform unique dances when a confrontation is won.

In this sense, it is important to know what are the characteristics that make this game such an addictive experience for young people. Then, we will talk about what these characteristics are and how parents can try to decrease this addiction in their children.

It represents a social experience

At the time of its creation the game was developed with the aim of being a game in individual mode, however, after the popularity it obtained was updated so that players could team up with a maximum of four people. Then, when entering the game, players can interact with a large number of people of different nationalities, thus connecting with staff around the world with just a good internet connection.

This represents one of the most attractive aspects of this game, because people can relate to others without even leaving their home, getting friends and playmates who are in other places on the planet. During the battle, players can connect and talk with their teammates, so they can organize their battle strategies against enemy teams.

Possesses firearms

Currently, young people are very attracted to violent games, because in these worlds you can perform actions that in the real world would be impossible. Then, in Fortnite one of the main attractions of this game is the excessive number of different weapons that can be found throughout the territory where the action takes place. These weapons are classified according to the damage they can cause, having as better weapons those called legendary.

It should be noted that, in this game, although there is a lot of violence among the players, there will never be a drop of blood between the images of the game, so the game can be considered for children and does not get any kind of restriction on who can play it. This is also influenced by the animated design of the game avatars, which have a friendly design that is easy to observe, which does not encourage violence.

The game is designed to be addictive

Fortnite is a game that has exponentially increased the number of players that are included each day, this happens because the game is designed to attract and retain people who enter the system, since it has attractive graphics and a system of game very easy to understand and to handle. Then, the game develops fluidly, preventing the player from getting bored and leaving the game, this together with the sense of humor between the characters of the game make fortnite a source of addiction.

The games on this platform tend to last between five to twenty minutes, where players are always on the move, providing the player with an adrenaline boost that lasts until the game ends, making the game very dynamic and not very boring. The players also return to this game because there is always the possibility of winning in a future game, which is always attractive for new players who come to the platform.

The game is free

Fortnite is an online game found for free on platforms where this game is allowed to play. This is vitally important because they allow players to enter at any time of the day and enjoy the game without requiring make a payment. However, although entering this system is free, the game development company makes money by offering improved weapons that cost low sums of money. Note that these updates can be rejected, continuing the game normally.

How can parents prevent their children from becoming addicted?

Because this game is such an attractive experience for young children, it is important to know certain tips for parents to prevent this from happening, among which we can highlight:

  • Before allowing the child to enter the world of this game it is important to have a conversation with him, so that he understands the problems that this game can cause in the long term.
  • Limit the number of games in which children are involved, so that the playing time in which they are connected to game consoles is reduced.
  • You can play with the children, so that the parents can relate to them and enjoy a quality time where they supervise what happens while playing.