13 Aug 2018

Benefits Of Canister Filter

Canister filter offers an efficient, convenient process of filtration for aquariums. This article will let you know how this filter works and why this is your best option.

Enough filtration is necessary to ensure that have a healthy, prosperous aquarium. Filters are not only responsible keeping water in the aquarium’s tank flowing, yet it also helps removing harmful toxins out of the water and ensures that the amount of oxygen is always at the best and healthiest level. There are other filters available in the market today that also give biological filtration, allowing beneficial bacteria grow and benefit living creatures in the aquarium.

If you are considering buying filters for your aquarium/s, think about canister filter. This filter is another kind of external filtration system, which is capable of using more filter medias compared to other types of filters without getting space inside the aquarium.

This type of filtration is without a doubt the most efficient and convenient method of filtration to use for your aquarium, whatever sizes it may be.

How does it work?

The name says it all, al the filter media of this type of filtration is housed in a canister. They come in different sizes and shapes, yet all of them consist of a canister like, solid housing packed with filter media and set with a pump.

The way this filter works is pretty straightforward, the pump located at the top of filters draw the water from aquarium up through the canister and intake pipes where they are forced by filter medias. Depending on which filter media type you use in this type of filter, both dissolved and solid wastes can be filtered from water’s tank before it will be pumped back off the canister and back to the aquarium using the return tube.

Since this type of filters are 100% sealed, and that enables them to make a tap effect in both the return tubes and intake. This being the case, height of your aquarium and the canister will not matter at all.

Benefits of this filter type

There are many reasons why this kind of filter is highly recommended than any other type of filters for aquarium in the market today. To give you few of them, check on this list:

  • Thus can accommodate more filter medias than other type of filters available. And because of this possibility, you may load the canister with all the filter media you want to put in, including supplementary inflation device such as water chillers, heaters, carbon dioxide diffusers and more. Attaching these to your filter will guarantee you of a perfectly cleaned aquarium and safe habitat for your pets
  • This is not positioned inside the aquarium and to that, it will not consume any space. This will not become a disturbance to living elements in the aquarium and can give them bigger space to swim. And since this type of filter can give you extra space in your aquarium, you can place other things in the aquarium to make it more beautiful, like corals and other sea creatures
  • This type of filter gives tank owners easier cleaning and maintenance. Since it is located outside the tank, cleaning and maintaining the filter is as easy as detaching it from the tank. This activity can be done without disturbing your aquarium occupants

With all the benefits stated above, you know that this type of filter is indeed the best choice to larger tanks or tanks that have a capacity of more than 40 gallons and tanks that carry freshwater. However, there are some filters that are smaller in sizes perfectly suitable for smaller tanks.

Other factors to consider

Knowing that this type of filter is your best choice for your tank, there are other factors you need to consider. Like the brand and model to purchase. With the current demand of this type of filter, many manufacturers release different models that they thought can give their customers utmost satisfaction.

This type of filter, unlike any other available filters, is more expensive, hence it is necessary that you choose wisely. If you failed to buy the right brand and model, you may end up spending huge amount of money for nothing.

Before you buy this type of filter, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Do you give warranty?

In the event that your filter did not work right, it is not wise to spend dollars for repairs, hence asking for manufacturer or seller’s warranty before exchanging your money to this equipment is a must.

What warranty they can provide? What are the date coverage and so on. If you have more questions regarding this topic, make sure you ask.

  • How to maintain the filter right?

Different filter brands and models require different steps for maintenance and cleaning. Although, the instructions are clearly stated on the guide book included upon purchase of the equipment, asking this question directly from the seller is still recommended.

  • How many filter media can you put in the canister?

To know whether you are buying the right canister, it is right to ask the quantity of filter media you can put on it. It is necessary that the canister can carry the load of all the filter media you are planning to use for your aquarium.

  • What is the energy efficiency of the filter?

You would not want to end up paying huge amount of electric bill just because you are using the filter. The current technology now has made these filter highly energy efficient, the only question now is which amongst them is more efficient. It is good that you are getting all the benefits you can get using a filter without the need of paying huge on your electricity.

Asking questions is necessary alongside buying this equipment. Needless to say filter, not only canister type, can give not only your aquarium good and neat look but also those who are living on it healthy and safe, and to that, never take for granted using filters to your tanks.