24 Jun 2018

Do You Know About Detox Drink for Weed?

In this world of fitness where everybody is running towards the direction of being fit the trend detoxing drinks is taking its place with the speed of a storm. The urbanized areas are increasingly getting toxic ridden world, is affecting our health positively. Though the human body does have several pathways for discharging the toxins such as seat, liver, urine and excretes. But there are some eatables that are produced with the use of chemicals and pesticides, and the consumption of these food items have led to consumption of large amount of toxins and it is getting higher day by day.

As we can see the name itself suggests, that detoxing is a process which helps in cleaning the organs which are not able to be cleaned by itself. It is a king of ancient therapy that has no fixed form it has been practiced for around 100 years in many different ways. It helps in removing the toxins that are absorbed by the body by means of soil, water, air and also present on the food consumed by them, and also the toxins that are produced by the body itself.

One of the major method that is gaining recognition now a day for removing toxins is known as detox drinks. The intake of toxic is surely needed to be curtailed or else it may lead to problems like constipation, headache, gas, bloating, fatigues, skin problems and nauseas. Regularly in taking these detox drinks can help in reducing weight losses. These drinks also work as a laxative agents and help in digestion and give a boost to one’s metabolism. These drinks also help in improving the functions of liver making t work more smoothly, improve in texture of hair and skin and provide a relaxing sleep.

For weeds

Now talking about detox drinks for weed. The detox drinks for weed has a longer impact in the blood stream that is they stay in blood stream for a longer duration. This is a good amount of detox for heavy smoker. But it does not move in your blood stream like this only, rather in holds itself in the fat cells, hair and saliva so that they can function for longer duration. Approximately, a time of one week is enough to get the weed out of the blood stream for the light smokers. The choice of detox should be made in such a way that what type of weed is present in the system, the cleaning solution should be determined according to the weed.

Detox options available

Detox drinks for weed includes a number of options;

  • Blood sample test
  • Hair sample test
  • Saliva sample test
  • Urine sample test

The type of detox drinks that are available are according to the type of category that is desired by you. They are given on the basis of administered tests. Not only one brand is available there are a number of brands available in the market providing different detox solutions.

What to look for in detox drink?

When buying detox drink, the most important thing to concentrate is to see the ingredients and the nutrition list of the drink. Most detox drinks are made to help you get out all the toxins outside, for which they will make you pee more often, and will cover up the system that is diluted with more vitamins and minerals.


  • Boosts energy – according to the survey it has been found that the persons who used detox drinks felt more energized. And it does makes sense, because when your intake a detox drink it makes all the impurities of the body thrown out and at the same time provides vitamins and minerals to the body. They cut the type of toxins like caffeine, sugar, saturated fat, trans fat and replace them with the fresh fruits and the vegetables providing you a boost of natural energy, that comes without the resultant crash.
  • Rids body of excess waste – the biggest advantage of these drink is that they help the body to get rid of the wastes itself. Most of the detox programs are designed to help the liver and other parts of the body to get rid of the wastes and purge the body to clean the kidneys and colon. Colon cleaning is very important part of the detoxing process because these toxins need to be exited out of the body anyhow. Along with the detox process it is good to consume fruits and vegetables so that the vitamins and minerals are being provided to the body.
  • Weight loss – detox drinks help in reducing the weight of the body by establishing long term healthier eating habits and getting rid of unhealthier eating habits. Many at times it has been noticed that it leads to drastic reduction in calories of the body and has a rapid weight loss. But these short term results would not last longer if you don’t change your bad eating habits with that of healthier eating habits. Use the energy you gained to exercise and be active.
  • Stronger immunity – once the body has got rid of the wastes it makes the organs functions at the best than they ever could. This helps in giving a boost to the immune system that helps in absorbing the nutrients better including vitamin C. many detox programs also focus on little exercises which circulates lymph fluid in the body and drains it, therefore improving the immune system.
  • Improved skin – after having a detox drink you will surely notice clearer and smoother skin at the end of the plan. Detoxing is also beneficial for the acne prone skin reducing the acne, but at initial stage it may get worse as the toxins are released so it my show some side effects at beginning but after some uses it makes the skin clear. The skin may feel patchy, but it is a part of process showing that the drink is working well.
  • Healthy hair – detoxing the body helps in making the hair look and even feel healthier. When the hair grows without any toxins you will possibly see the difference on the texture of the hair.

Detox drinks for weed functions best on all body types. The drinks not only help in removing toxins but also providing the essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Increases the metabolism of the body providing a better immune system.