16 Mar 2018

How do I ask my partner to get tested?

The best time to talk about the need for testing is BEFORE you start having sex (including oral sex). Getting tested when you start a new relationship is extremely important and one of the best ways to prevent STDs. It is normal to feel a little uncomfortable during the conversation, but you will feel better once you are finished. You never know, maybe your partner is happy that you bring up the subject. Conducting cheap std testing to detect sexually transmitted diseases has nothing to do with cheating on your partner or not trusting her. People can have an STD for years and not know it because most people with STDs do not have any symptoms. Testing is the only way to know for sure if you have an STD, so it makes sense to get tested periodically. You can say that you want to do the tests because you are worried about your health AND ALSO that of your partner.

Here are some suggestions to start the talk for cheap STD testing:

  • We find it difficult to talk about this, but you are important to me and we think it is fundamental. What do you think if we go together to do the STD tests?
  • We want you to know that we had an STD test last month and we had nothing. Have you ever done the tests? We would like us both to be sure that we are taking care of ourselves.
  • For us, sincerity is important; we realized that STDs are common and silent. Have you ever done the tests?

Getting tested means taking responsibility for the possibility of having an STD. Also, once the cheap std testing is done, there is no need to worry. The sooner you know you have an STD, the better: Many STDs are easily cured with medication. There are also treatments for non-curable STDs, which consist of alleviating the symptoms and decreasing the chances of infecting your partner. It is a good idea for you and your partner to do the tests together, so you can give each other support. If your partner does not want to be tested, you may want to think about whether it is a good relationship for you. Someone who does not care about your health may not be the right person to have a relationship. There is not a single valid test for all STDs, but each test has its own specific test. By presenting our case to the doctor who treats us, he will help us determine which tests are appropriate.

These cheap std testing are rapid and, usually, painless. They can consist of a physical examination (in which the doctor will examine the genital area, to see if there are sores, warts, irritations, etc.) a urine or blood test, a swab that can be buccal (scraped with a swab in the part of the cheek) or, in the penis, vagina or anus. Once the STD is diagnosed, almost all are easily cured with medication. Others, however, the less have no cure, so in these cases, only the symptoms will be treated, to alleviate the discomfort and to prevent its spread to people with whom we have sex and lead a normal sex life, always clear Take precautions to protect our healthy partner from infection.

How do I talk to my partner about the results of the tests?

It is not pleasant to tell the person with whom you are dating that you have an STD, but it is what you have to do because you will help her take care of her health. It is very important that you also inform your ex-partners so they can also get tested. There is not a single way to talk with the couple to tell them that you have an STD, but we will give you some basic tips that will be useful to you.

  1. Try to stay calm and remember that you are not the only one in this situation.

Millions of people have STDs and many of them have a partner. Try to start the conversation with a calm and positive attitude. Having an STD is simply a health issue and does not imply anything about you as a person.

  1. Learn.

There are many myths about sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, read objective information and prepare to answer your partner’s questions. Let your partner know that there are medications that can cure or help treat STDs. Having safer sex also helps protect your partner.

  1. Find the right moment.

Choose a moment without distractions in which they can not interrupt you and look for a private and relaxed place. If you are nervous you can practice aloud alone or with a friend you trust. It may sound strange, but practising what you are going to say can help you understand exactly what you want to say and feel more confident when talking with your partner.

  1. Safety first.

STDs can take a while to be detectable on tests and most people have no symptoms. This is why many people have an STD for a long time (even years) without knowing it, and it can be difficult to determine when and how it was acquired. The most important thing is that both are tested. If it is determined that only one of the two has an STD, find out how to protect the other.

It is normal to worry about the reaction of the couple. And there are no laps to give: some people are very scared. If that happens, try to stay calm and talk about your plan to stay healthy and not spread the STD to anyone. Maybe you need to give your partner some time and space to process the news; it is normal. Your partner can also consult their doctor to learn how to protect themselves. In short, the conversation can bring them closer.

Some health departments have implemented programs through which they let their partners know they were exposed to cheap std testing without giving them your name unless you want them to do so.