13 Aug 2018

How To Generate Free Clash Of Clan Resources?

Clash of Clans is a massively popular multiplayer online strategy game for both iOS and Android platforms by Supercell. It’s a freemium game meaning it is completely free to play with in-app purchases for items, resources and currencies. It was initially released for iOS platform back in 2012 but a stable android version was launched in late October, 2013. It’s a game known to pull some of the oldest forms of gaming and other mixes being online to dive you in to the realm of the game.

On the surface, it’s a strategy game with a prime objective to collect as many trophies as possible. It can either achieved by successfully defeating opponents village or by defending your own territory from another online opponent. As you gain more trophies, your rank increases and you are matched among players of similar or higher ranks. The highest class being the champion class is the ultimate goal of the player that requires lot of wars to be won and quite a bit of currency for you to upgrade your village, soldiers and have the best offensive and defensive strategy.

Like the classic games, the game is broken into two phases being build and action. While the game doesn’t state the modes but as you play the game, the player is able to identify the window of the boundaries. Hence the build phase is all about building and setting your village using the game currency being gold coins and purple elixir. The building and upgrading is done from different resources provided in the game such as gold, elixir, dark elixir and jewels.

Game Resources:

  • Gold is either won by gold mines or attacking the enemy and is stored in the gold deposits. Its main purpose is for building the defences such as walls and soldiers along with elixir collectors and camp. It can also be used to build traps around and improve your strategy.
  • Elixir can be obtained via attacks or elixir collectors being stored in the elixir stores. It’s also used to improve the defence capacity along with attacking capacity of the soldiers their spells, barracks, army camps and lab upgrades. Both the gold mines and deposits along with dark elixir drills and camps require elixirs. They are used to train all types of troops and other mechanisms.
  • Dark Elixirs are used to unlock the City hall level-7 and is the only resource that isn’t available from the beginning of the game. It is obtained either by dark elixir drill or attacks and are used to train and level the dark troops also buying or upgrade heroes.
  • Jewels are different from other resources having neither collectors nor camps. They are also not available by attacking them or any other strategy. They can only be obtained via completion of achievements and for removing obstacles such as stones, trees and boxes. It may also be made available from the in-app purchases. You can use the gold coins to actually speed-up the process of the all the game process such as building and improving them along with trainings and accumulating troops in addition to other resources.

Playing the game:

Each clan has a leader accompanied by a co-leader and only one of them can initiate. When on the war, each clan gets a preparation day and one war day. One the war has begun, the players will receive starts on the amount of destruction being caused. So, each players gets two shots to attack per war and the team with most number of stars at the end of the war day is declared the winner. In case, of same number of stars being collected, the team with most destruction percentage is awarded the match. A bonus loot can be awarded if you use the attack during the war and its type is decided by Supercell. There are several increments of the bonus loot and if you manage to win, you are given all the bonus loots available and if you lose only a third of the available bonus loot is given.

All you need is a touch screen device and access to the play store to handle Clash of Clans. It is best played and fun while playing in tablet. The larger screen reflects to more thoughtful village layouts and snap judgements when attacking the opponent. It’s hard to take your tablet around and check your village every few hours, hence the game offers syncing across multiple devices without any issues. Yes, the game is absolute fun and it’s not a non-sense sort fun that some other games on Play store offer. It’s meticulously designed for the user to be liking it and be tempted to have more game time. It’s a real friendly game that even your parents and elders can enjoy with easy controls and modes.

How one can generate resources?

If you are wondering over how to advance quickly in the game by getting more jewels. There is one way you can go for it without much effort and be ranked among the highest. Just visit site of clash of clan’s tricks and be the best.

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet on your device either a computer, tablet or a Smartphone. Open the internet browser and visit the site.
  • Click on the button for free generation of jewels and gold. Next, you will be asked to enter your clash of clan’s username. The site will never ask you the password as it is not necessary citing security reasons.
  • Next, choose all the resources that you need as all of them from the game are made available such as gold, elixir, dark elixir and the precious jewels and specify the amount to be generated for each resource with no real limit and the flexibility to repeat the process multiple times a day.
  • Once all the details have been entered, go for the generator button at the bottom of the screen and within a few minutes all the enlisted resources will be entitled to your gaming account. Now open the game and check your newfound resources.