11 Jun 2018

How to take care of your Socket Sets?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term socket set? Generically speaking, you probably think about the sockets on the switchboard or sockets on some other electronic device. However, today we shall discuss the socket wrench set and its relative use and maintenance.

What is a socket or socket set?

Jcer.Info make a research on many socket sets and they look Mechanically, a socket is of two types, a socket wrench, and a socket head screw. A socket wrench is a type of wrench, which uses separately removable sockets to fit it in different size of nuts and bolt. Whereas, a socket head screw is a screw or bolt, which has a cylindrical head containing a socket into which the hexagonal ends of an Allen wrench will fit.

What is a socket wrench?

A wrench or a spanner that has a socket attached at one end is called a socket wrench. A socket wrench is primarily used to turn a fastener. The commonest form of a wrench is the Ratchet socket wrench. It is commonly known as a Ratchet. This device is set within a hand tool in which there is a metal handle, which is attached to a ratcheting mechanism that is attached to a socket.

This, in turn, fits on a type of a bolt or a nut. If pulled or pushed in any direction, the ratchet loosens or tightens the bolt or nut that is attached to the socket. If and when turned to the other direction, the ratchet does not turn the socket. Rather, it allows the ratchet handle to be repositioned for another turn.

Upon which, the socket stays attached to the bolt or nut. This action allows a fastener to either tighten rapidly or loosen in small increments.

Ways to take care of socket sets:

  1. Dust of any much or dirt on the sockets and clean the inside and the head of the socket properly with a cotton cloth.
  2. Use a brush to clean the drives. It is like flossing them.
  3. Make sure there is no water left on the sockets as it will cause it to stain and rust it.
  4. Use an oil to clean the dirt or rust off if there is any and wipe it dry.
  5. Store it in a clean and dry place to avoid collecting moisture.

Maintaining your socket set is like taking care of your phones and other utilities. It is simple and takes no time.

Types of socket wrench:

Fixed Socket Wrench

  1. Lug wrench: It is a non-ratcheting wrench with the socket attached permanently to the end of the L-shaped and X-shaped bar.
  2. Nut driver: It is a screwdriver type handle for hand turning with a built-in female socket at the end.
  3. Flex-head socket wrench: It is a combination of wrenches with the fixed socket in the end.
  4. T-handle: It is a socket attached to a T-handle, which is used for leverage.
  5. Tuning wrench: It is a wrench that is used to tune some musical instruments or strings.
  6. Spark plug wrench: It is a tube with six-sided sockets on both the ends.

Interchangeable Socket:

  1. Ratcheting wrench: It is the most common socket wrench. The mechanism allows the nut to tighten or loosen with a reciprocating motion.
  2. Click Style Torque wrench: Torque wrenches with digital readouts.
  3. Flex Head Ratchet wrench: It is a ratchet in which the drive head pivots or swivel back and forth on the handle at the pivot to the rear end of the ratchet head.
  4. Swivel Head Ratchet Roto-ratchet: It is a ratchet in which, the entire ratchet head swivel, with the handle attachments on one side of the ratcheting head. Instead of the rear end of the ratcheting head.
  5. Palm Ratchet: It is a ratchet with a knurled palm-sized circular ratchet handle that has a reversible socket attachment, which is useful for rapid loosening and tightening of a bolt or a nut.

Non-ratcheting wrench:

  1. Breaker Bar: It is a bar that is attached to a standard square socket drive with a ball dent.
  2. Beam style Torque wrench: It is a non-ratcheting wrench that is made to attach to a standard socket.
  3. Speed handle: It is crank-shaped handle, which rapidly loosens or tightens a fastener when used with the correct sized socket.
  4. Spinner socket handles: It is a screwdriver handle that has a male drive end for attaching sockets.
  5. Off-set drive: It is a fixed drive where the head spins relatively to the spinning handle. The handle has a drive attached where a ratchet or a socket wrench can be attached.

These were the various types of wrenches made by manufacturers all over the world. It is mainly used for mechanical activities. These socket wrenches come in sets, meaning it comes in a box-shaped utility with all sized socket wrenches for use. It is important to take care of one’s socket sets and keep it from rusting or damaging.