25 Jul 2018

Understanding cordless drills and the batteries they use


There is no doubt that cordless drills have seen major improvements overtime. For example, better batteries have seen unrivaled levels of power and runtime, making cordless drills more powerful and efficient in carrying out specific tasks.

Nowadays, having some tools such as cordless drill around our homes and work places is not an option but a necessity. The drills mostly rotate on one direction. They are mostly used on surfaces or materials such as wood, plastic, concrete and others are used for mixing and grinding mixtures. Speed is one of the most desirable features of a cordless drill and what makes it more popular amongst many people. There are other desirable features too such as flexibility, portability and ease of maintenance. When it comes to cordless drills reviews, you should not trust just any source when considering buying a cordless drill, but be always on the lookout for trusted sources and dealers.

There is so much to address when it comes to cordless drills and most of them are positive reviews. Cordless drills come in different types and for different purposes. That why it is important to look up for detailed information regarding all of them so that you can come up with informed decisions if you ever decide to purchase a cordless drill.

Understanding Cordless Batteries

It is important to know and understand what properties of a battery to look into whenever you are to purchase a cordless drill. This helps you understand what to look out for and make a better choice. These are some of the characteristics to look out for in a battery when purchasing the best cordless drills;

  • The cycle life: This explains how long the battery is supposed to last and work efficiently. Rechargeable batteries always reach a dead end and they need to be replaced and this will depend on the amount of drilling and how much often the charging is done. It is therefore advisable to go for batteries with long run time before they can be charged again.
  • Discharge rate: It is common for batteries to lose charge when they are not in use. When it comes to cordless drills batteries self-discharge, it means after using a cordless drill and then putting it away for some time, you will need to recharge it first before using it again because it will have lost charge for the time that it was not in use. For NiCad batteries, the more they are charged the faster they lose charge. Lithium-ion batteries however hold charge for long.
  • Memory effect: Some types of batteries such as NiCad batteries do not usually have a memory of when they are getting charged or when they are self-discharging. That makes the remembered part of the battery to stop charging until the overall charging capacity becomes redundant. However this does not apply to Lithium-ion battery.
  • Voltage sizes: Volts measurement is the key feature that differentiates batteries. The 20V battery is the most commonly used due to its additional power feature from 18V which was previously a popular choice. Higher voltage in a battery means higher power in the long run. Your decision will however come to the conclusion of how much drilling you have to do.

The following are the different volt measurements work capacity in cordless drills batteries:

  • 7-12 volts handles light drill/drive work
  • 12-18 volts handle medium types of drill/drive work
  • 18-36 volts are required to handle heavy duty type of drill/drive work


  • Capacity and Run time

Everyone wants a battery that can give them the most run time use at any cost. It is therefore an important feature to consider if you do not want to get interrupted now and then charging and replacing batteries. Cordless drills with batteries that have adequate capacity to run several tasks are the best choice to go for. You should be ready to overlook expensiveness of something if you expect the best performance.

How to get the best results from a cordless drill

There is always a way out to get the best results from any tool. They are the shortcuts to getting the work done without taking the long route and not only does it save you time but money too. This is for instance saving your rechargeable batteries from running out of charge before you are done with your tasks. Some cordless drill reviews indicate that some individuals opt to buy accessories to facilitate easier and fast experiences from their tools and trust me it works. The following are some of the ways to ensure that you get the best from your cordless drill projects and that you do not waste a lot of time while at it;

  • If you need a cleaner hole you should consider placing a piece of scrap wood behind the board or material into which in this case you are drilling. This ensures that the wood fiber do not get to tear as the bits exits the working surface.
  • It is no secret that drilling a straight hole can be quite a challenge. What to do is that you are supposed to set up two squares perpendicularly to the surface or material into which you are drilling and try to line up your drill bit parallel with the drawn squares. This ensures that you drill your holes just the way they should and where they should be drilled.
  • Place a small flag or indicator of duct tape on the bit for the desired length if you want to drill to a particular depth, and when the tape begins to get or sweep away the wood shavings around the hole then know that it is time to stop drilling.
  • To save yourself from the agony of driving a screw into dense wood which can be quite difficult, get a bar soap and rub the screw’s threads with it and just like that you save yourself from some elbow grease.