17 Feb 2019

Your Special Day Your Birthday!

What do you want for your birthday? Presents? Money? Dinner out? I will give you some gifting ideas to ask for and some ideas to give your mother, father, child, anyone you love or like. Warning! Some of them will make you smile! So here we go. Make sure, you buy the gift from a good store like Stonefoot.

This is a combination of two things that you can give: A massage, and the payment of one of their bills! If your relative is a senior citizen, this would make their eyes sparkle like they haven’t in a long time. How about a trip overseas—the land of their ancestors? Ireland anyone? If your friend or relative hasn’t seen one of their long-lost high school alumnae friends, take them to their Class Reunion.

The second idea would be to give he/she a car! Did I say the word—teenager? This idea doesn’t have to be expensive. A nice older model car in good shape will be appreciated. If your family/friend has a car already buy them a tank of gas.

The third idea is for dad and mom. Buy them a new coffee maker or cookware set. Perhaps some nice china or other dishes would do. Then there are the 500 count sheets. Oh yes! Other gifts for your parents could be a paper shredder, or perhaps a new coat and socks.

For the niece whom you don’t know what to get her, because she has everything she needs already, gives her a couple of tickets for her and her boyfriend to go to a concert. It is also a treat for her if you take her out to eat at a very ethnic restaurant—West Indian perhaps, or a Mexican meal. If she is 21 or older, give her a bottle of red or rose wine (perhaps a margarita). So you need some unique gifts for that visit Stonefoot.

Ok. What do boys love? Something other than fast cars or the woman of his dreams. A boy, age 4 and up to 12, might like a soccer ball or a puppy!! Take your son down to the local rescue shelter and let him pick out the pet of his desire. It doesn’t have to be a puppy, it can be a rabbit, a pot-bellied piglet, a kitten, or a ferret. If he lives on a farm, give him a mare or colt. Raising animals and caring for the pet’s physical needs, as well as, the animal’s heart through the vehicle of love is the best teacher of all.

Now the wonderful grandma and grandpa. What do they like on their birthday? Some exquisite jewelry like ceramic earrings, a watch, some knitting yarn or crochet hooks for Grandma would help her put her time in on a craft she likes. If Grandma loves books and needs a place to put them, buy a raw, unpainted bookcase. Stain it as she might like and give her a treasure she is bound to love.  How about Grandpa? A new computer might be the ticket. If he doesn’t know how to use one, it will give him great joy to either teach him how to use it or enroll him in a computer class at the local school.

Being of service is a remedy for depression. Truly it is. Gather your birthday friend and go to the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The American Lung Association, or the local policeman or policewoman. Spend time with your friend all day as you both do something for someone else. With your friend, you can both enjoy a great malt afterward. Make sure you visit Stonefoot for more information.

For the seniors who are having birthdays in any given month, give then perfume, body wash, or fragrant soap. Go spend time, and money, doing charity work for those who have few special things. Not to mention bringing a licensed hair stylist with you to give the ladies a great look and feeling of joy! As for the senior men at the Rehabilitation home, give them a gift of cologne and a picture of “before” and “now”. Buy everybody some ice cream and cake. Pretty soon, you”ll be realizing just how easy it is to light up their faces.

How about written letters and cards for the President of the United States and the First Lady when it is their birthdays. They will send you a thank you letter right back.

There is the stranger that you see at the local restaurant who is showing you their birthday gifts that they received that day. Smile and secretly pay for their meal. Do it not expecting even a thank you or smile. I guarantee you, you’ll receive blessings for your gift from the heart!

Let’s not forget Jesus’ birthday on the 25th day of December. He has done so much for you. Do something for him. Go to church and get down and say “Thank You, Jesus, for being my best friend. Your birthday meant the entry of forgiveness and joy in the world. Not to mention hope. May Your Father reign forever”. Make sure you visit and buy the gift from a good store like Stonefoot.

Your cousins have birthdays too. Give them some money and a hug. Then go to a coffee house and talk about all the old days when your cousins used to play football and have talent shows during made-up beauty pageants. Show them that they mean so much to you and that you will never leave their side when they have a child of their own.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a birthday present you give yourself. You matter! In a movie of a long time ago, a man was shown that he made a difference in others’ lives. You are precious and beautiful. Give yourself a birthday gift too. A bar of dark chocolate and a bubble bath or shower. Then, romantic night on the town.

I hope this article has given you a smile. Take Care.