5 Ways to Impress Your Client on Their Home Turf


Businesses are increasingly becoming more globalized to compete in today’s challenging markets, and as such, international travel has never been more important. Though it’s good to reduce your air miles and conduct meetings online where possible, sometimes you need to get on the ground and meet with your clients on their home turf. Below, we’ve rounded up five ways to impress them when you do, and ensure you are maximizing your potential… 

Learn their language

If you’re operating out of the United States but want to expand your business in China, you should consider hiring a dedicated Mandarin-speaking employee who can serve as their first port of call. Not only will this demonstrate your commitment to your new client, but it will allow you to seek new opportunities and further expand your international clients. Sure, you’ll need to make the initial upfront investment, but with the right strategy it will pay off ten-fold. 

Host an event

If you’re trying to whoo multiple clients in another country, why not host a dedicated event where you can show off the benefits of your business and explain why you’re the number one choice in your niche? Whether you take over a hotel conference hall and run through a PowerPoint presentation with some snacks, or you enlist the help of a firm like Barcelonina who host corporate events in Barcelona, being on the ground with your clients and chatting to them about your business will no doubt prove to be the most popular course of action.

Take them out for dinner

Client retention is as equally important as wining and dining prospective clients, so why not book into a hotel room and take your existing clients out for a fancy dinner? Not only is it good to catch-up over a meal, but it allows you to understand their current challenges, find out what is and is not working, and come up with some solutions face-to-face before you have to travel home. Emails and Skype calls are great, but they only go so far as to help you get to grips with the issues your clients are facing. Be direct and stay on the same page.

Donate to their charities

Make a donation to your client’s charity of choice, which will give them an indication that you are in it for the long-haul and share the same philosophies as they do. Your donation does not have to run into thousands of dollars, but if they’re hosting a fundraising event or make a post about a charity close to their heart, throwing a few dollars into the pot will help to make an impact and show them you’re on their side. It’s great for tax relief for your business, too.

Stalk their competitors

Working with a client in another country can often cause challenges in communication, both cultural, language, and geographical, so having a good understanding of their competitors will make it easier for you to perform at your best and react to changes they may make. If you run a marketing agency, for example, adding their competitor into a private list on Twitter will help you to see what they post and get some inspiration for your campaign. Likewise, if your client’s competitor launches a new product, you can respond accordingly and show your client that you’re on their side, willing them on to become the best in their industry.

Do you have any other tips and tricks on helping impress a client on home turf? Let us know on social media and check back soon for more tips and tricks on building a global business.

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