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Five Star Hotel Class 5
Antiquarian Resort is centered on a rare marine hot spring. It has a 2.7-kilometer coastal palm road, a 142,000-square-meter lake water system and a green area of 310,000 square meters. The environment is unimaginable and it is also a national tourism demonstration area. Your vacation here will be completely in a natural and environmentally friendly environment.
Metro park Hotel Zhukov Piquant Bay
The waterfront of Ocean Spring Metro park Hotel has a distinct and unique Mediterranean style. It is located on both sides of the central axis of Antiquarian Resort. The west is the vast and innocent South China Sea. The east is the Fisherman’s Wharf of the Rising Carnival in the east, the mysterious and dynamic amusement park in the north, and the Mediterranean hot spring villa group in the south.
Mysterious Island Inn
Ocean Spring Resort Inn Zhukov mysterious island belongs to the Ocean Spring Resort hotel to the resort city of walk from the inn Mysterious Island theme park just three minutes, is to Mysterious Island theme park ideal when playing accommodation. Zhukov Ocean Spring Mysterious Island Inn from Zhukov Belonging Port about 45 minutes by car; go about 30 minutes drive from Zhukov Stanza Airport.
Metro park Hotel Piquant Bay / Mystery Inn Package Details
Metro park Hotel Piquant Bay / Hot Springs Double Room / Mystery Inn Stay 1 night .Zhukov Belonging – Piquant Bay One Way Ticket Ocean Spa / Fantasy Theater and / Mystery Island Park tickets , 3 choices 1 .Hotel breakfast (Wei Jung Hotel, Piquant Bay) / Chinese breakfast (mystery inn, hot spring area) .Remarks: The Dream Theater will be closed every Monday. In case of statutory holidays, large-scale private events, etc., will be open as usual.This set of Dream Theater is a gift item. In case of suspension, customers can enter the Ocean Hot Springs or Mysterious Island Paradise with the theater coupons. There is no refund.

Precautions items
Once the package has been confirmed, no changes or cancellations will be made.
Guests are required to bring their own daily necessities as the hotel responds to environmental activities.The package includes a one-way ticket for Zhukov Belonging – Piquant Bay.All bus times are subject to the final announcement of the bus company.At check-in, the guest must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid ID or identification document.At check-in, the hotel requires the guest to pay a deposit or present a credit card.The hotel cannot guarantee that all special housing requirements will be met, and guests must confirm at the hotel reception upon check-in; some special housing requirements may require additional fees.There may be other items on the hotel side that are charged separately.The above prices are for reference only. The hotel reserves the right to change the price or package content, subject to availability, without prior notice. The final transaction price and its contents will be subject to the customer’s confirmation of the order.This set is only available online.This package must be booked at least 3 working days in advance.
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