Understand the Difference and Similarities Between CBD Edibles and Capsules


People in search of a non-addictive option for pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety management can consider CBD. CBD is capable of reducing symptoms. Deciding an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers and antidepressants was simple, but which is better – CBD capsules or edibles……a challenging question. Fortunately, you can consider the pros and cons to decide.

CBD capsules vs. edibles


Capsules are infused with hemp-based pure CBD oil. On the other hand, CBD edibles are food prepared from cannabidiol oil. You can buy them online but make sure to read the labeling to handle your dosage properly. On justcbdstore.com, you will come across different CBD edible forms like gummies, candies, cookies, etc. Edibles can be made from CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum.


Edibles get absorbed during digestion and can take an hour to experience the effect. The effect will last for 5 to 6 hours. Capsules get absorbed a little faster than the CBD gummies because gel cap dissolves efficiently plus there are no other ingredients necessary to digest. The time taken to kick in is around 1 hour and effects last for 4 to 6 hours.

In both cases, the absorption rate differs depending on the person’s metabolism rate and the amount of food already present in the stomach. However, CBD inhibits the liver’s cytochrome P450 enzyme system. It is responsible to break the toxins that pass through your body like OTC medications or several prescribed drugs. Therefore, when you try CBD, talk to your doctor to avert negative interactions.


Cannabidiol oil is added to the recipe. Remember, it is not a replacement for cooking oil, so keep doses small. You are in control! When you start with CBD edibles, start low and go slow. Allow the edible an hour to get absorbed, then determine if you need to increase or decrease the dose.

CBD capsule dosing is consistent, all the time. They are just like any other supplements or vitamins, which can be added easily to your health regime. Every capsule offers a precise CBD dosage. You can check the bottle’s label to get an idea of CBD milligrams in every capsule. Start low and wait for one hour to experience the effect, then decide to alter your dosage.


You can cook with CBD infused oil at home but learn how to find the right dosing and portions. When you cook with CBD oil ensures to bake on low-temperature or just add it to the cooked food or salad. High temperatures can degrade the CBD oil quality, so be cautious! The best idea is to use CBD in topping or icing or plating. Be precise with a dropper to know the amount of CBD in every portion.

Medical condition management

Edibles can manage Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, digestive disorders, and conditions in children. Edibles are more enjoyable for those who find it hard to swallow the pills. CBD capsules help to manage arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy, obesity, and diabetes.

Which is better?

The decision of choosing a CBD capsule or edible is personal. If you are a diabetic person then choose capsules. However, children will find edibles less intimidating than capsules.

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