1. Let your coat breathe before you wear it

If you order a coat online, it will most likely arrive at your destination packed in a bag or box that has been compressed to fit. Just like a new comforter or a down sleeping bag that just pops out of its compression bag, you need to give them time to breathe and resume their expansion. This will allow the insulation to move through the fabric and position itself properly with respect to the shape and / or cut of the product in question.

The same is then true for a new coat. Whether it’s a down parka or even synthetic insulation, let it breathe for a few hours (or even a day) to restore it to its initial shape. Hang it on a stand and let it expand again in the closet. Because of this, you will know you will look fabulous, just like your coat, when you take it out to parade it in front of your friends.

  1. Air circulation

To provide warmth, the air inside the coat must be able to circulate, and so do your gloves or mittens. If you have a pair of gloves or mittens where your fingers are touching the tips, you will most likely feel cold at your fingertips since there is no room for air to circulate to create heat.

  1. Good and bad air pockets

Whether the parka you are wearing is insulated with down, synthetic insulation or even lined with fleece, good air pockets give the air space to circulate and create air. warmer air. When I talk about air pockets, I’m not talking about large folds on excess fabric. This is called bad air pockets because they leave too much room for air to circulate, causing the coat to not be able to warm up effectively. Imagine a large lake versus a small lake, the small lake will heat up faster since there is less surface to heat compared to the large lake. Think of good air pockets as little pockets found through the fabrics and particles used to insulate your coat.

  1. Bigger is not always better

Compared to a coat that fits you like a glove, a model that is too large will not be effective in terms of insulation and will require you to wear many layers underneath. I was searching for fur coat and vest today when I came across Aria Moda fur coats.

  1. The hug test

Unless you’re a robot or the Wizard of Oz tin man, your body needs to move and not just a little! In a day, your body is constantly moving in various ways. Whether it’s making tatas for a taxi to stop, fastening your seat belt or filling your grocery bags at the market, you need some freedom of movement. If your coat is too tight on the arms or body, you will have a hard time with your daily routine.

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