Beauty and Healthcare in Vietnam


Sen Spa conjures up a simple and comfortable place for you in the changeable season. Sen Spa enchants guests with its peaceful and isolated space from the hustle and bustle of the urban city despite its location in the center of Saigon. With its classical and modern designs as well as the zen feature in images of lotus flowers, the spa offers relaxing massage therapies to revitalize and bring you peace to your mind and body. Favorite massages include hot stone massage with herbs, face massage with anti-aging therapy or wiping out wrinkles with caviar. At Sen Spa, guests can enjoy package services in a private room with steam, sauna, hot and cold Jacuzzi, along with other special spa therapies.
Situated in SongHongLand, a complex of classy residential and office areas, Leo Fitness Center provides comprehensive, international conveniences and suitable practice options for people of all ages. Leo Fitness Center owns an open and comfortable space of over 2,500 square meters with a collection of modern, top-notch equipment, imported 100% from the USA. The center also has 3 studios for yoga and Group X classes. Particularly, Leo provides the enormous machine, Synrgy 360 – the multipurpose practicing machine with full of features, and international skilled coaches.
At the end of April, Moltobene, the famous hair care brand name in Japan, was officially introduced in Vietnam. Inherited from the previous products, Moltobene has attached a special importance to the “models and aromas” to develop many more new lines.
It is the combination with hairdressers in beauty care centers to catch the demands of customers that helps Moltobene perfect its quality and product system. Moltobene products are available in many countries, including the USA, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.
Crystal Spa impresses visitors with its decors and multi-colored light, aroma, and especially, massage therapies to rejuvenate and revitalize yourself, distress and take care of your beauty. Crystal Spa uses high-end products such as yellow leaf essential oil, Himalaya rocks and precious gems such as Ruby, Sapphire, Citrine and Diamond to remove dead skin cells. Crystal massage with its different techniques helps you totally relax. On weekends, Crystal Spa is an ideal destination for you to unwind in the melodious music and improve your mood with color therapy. Here, you can sip a cup of Thai herb tea to release and get rid of daily worries.

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