Why Dock Boxes Are The Perfect Storage Option


Dock Box Information


There are many reasons why a dock box would be necessary for having at a marina. A dock box is the perfect locked place for leaving anything you don’t want to get wet on your boat. Boats are fun to take out on the ocean but if your planning on going swimming or just consider the risk of possibly getting wet while out on the ocean, there are a few things you may want to leave behind. Such as your cell phone. 

A dock box is a perfect place to do that. Along with that, when you are done on your boat, the dock is the perfect place to leave life vests and other ocean things so that they are locked and watched. There are many different types of life boxes that you can choose from depending on need.

Protection from the Sun

A Dock box is the perfect storage place because it has protection from the sun. The sun’s rays can be hard on life vests and other wet swimwear. It can cause it to dry rot and not be as effective if needed. This is why a dock box that is made from UV protected plastic is great. It will help ensure that your items inside are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Protection from Thieves

A good quality lockbox is a perfect place to store your things for protection from thieves. Things inside your boat can easily be taken if you forget to lock the door. Also, windows on boats are an open window to thieves of what is in there.

 But a dock box does not show what is in it and along with that, it is much harder to break into. Also, marina security would see someone breaking into a dock box much faster and more obviously than someone breaking into a boat.

Protection from the Elements

Wind and rain happen on the ocean side. The wind and rain are salty and harsh to the things around it. This is why a good dock box is a perfect place to store things so that your important items are protected from the wind and rain.

Types of Lock Boxes

There are three basic types of lockboxes; plastic, wood, and metal. Plastic that is coated with UV protection is the most expensive option but also the best option. This is because it stands up to the elements and thieves much better. Also, wood dock boxes have a tendency to break down quicker and metal and saltwater is just not a good mix. One last and new option to lockboxes that is the best option of them all is fiberglass. Fiberglass stands up to the elements and is relatively inexpensive.

Shapes of Boxes

There are a few shapes of boxes that you can get depending on what you are planning to put in them. The basic square box is great for people who are just in need of a well-rounded box for storing lots of different items. The standing lockbox is great for people who are needing a box to hang things in such as wet suits. A triangular lockbox is great for going on boats so that it can be stored easily in a corner. All the different shaped lockboxes serve their purpose.


If you are in need of a new dock box for your marina then consider getting a fiberglass lockbox. They are well rounded and great for many applications. Dock boxes come in many forms to serve different purposes. If you are looking for a lockbox to serve the purpose of protection then fiberglass is the way to go.

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