Business Planning and Facility Management Products and Services:


Strategic and Emergency Management Planning Guides:
What Happens When Plan B Fails?
Integrated Business Strategic Planning Guide – $1,500.00: Includes Physical Space Inventory, Building Condition, Environmental Assessment, and Emergency Management.
Today how are Businesses going to address Worker and Community Safety in light of 9/11? How will History Remember Us? By How We Measure the Value of Saving One Human Life! Check it out!
What You Put Into Your Strategic Master Plan is Your Business. Helping You Get The Most Out of it is Ours!
CEtech’s EMS Guide and Software can be integrated across all segments of the community to coordinate local emergency response and disaster recovery planning for Government, School Districts, College Campuses, Military Bases, and Private Business.
Small Business Organization Start-up Guide: For the New Business!
Business Strategic Planning Guide Topics Covered: For the Enterprise Business!
Do you have what you think is a workable plan?Compare against our Strategic Master Plan Guide.
Is yours a business-friendly community? See how your community measures-up!
Internet Collaboration: Your Strategic Planning and Emergency Management efforts can be made a part of working Collaboration Offices on the Internet. Collaborate What You Want, With Whom You Want, When You Want, and Where on the Web You Want! CEtechnology is only a click away!
The 3 most important features of Strategic Planning are “Location, Location, Location. Remember, You Have To Pay For Prime Real Estate! Think Geographically – GIS/GPS. Map facility and community sites, buildings and infrastructure to field position via overhead satellites; integrate geography with in-house data and physical map features.
Protect Your Investment! Don’t let critical company information walk out the door with employees or be at the mercy of the internet browser. Build a digital infrastructure for better services. Conserve scarce resources. Create an internet capability allowing employees to interact in business processes.

Facility Management Database Application: It Helps to Speak the Language!
Addresses Buildings & Grounds, Infrastructure, and Physical Space Inventory:Building and Site Condition Assessment.Building and Site Characteristics Inventory.Capital Development Programs and Projects.Community Research.Development Impact Analysis.Economic Development Analysis.Emergency Management (911/EMS).Environmental Assessment.Environmental Health & Safety.Facility Maintenance/Management.Facility Reporting and Analysis.Facility Siting.Physical Space Inventory (PSI).Risk Management.Space Management.
An Enterprise-wide Facilities and Resources Information System tied to CAD drawings and GIS maps that is accessible via the Internet by company administrators and employees!
Physical Space Inventory Database Pricing is as follows:

1 User 6 User LAN Unlimited Internet Access $5,000.00 $7,500.00 $10,000.00 integrated with CEtechnology’s Building Condition,
Environmental Assessment, and Emergency Management: $7,500.00 $10,000.00 $12,500.00

Overview and/or Download 30 day free trial offer

Database Applications
Become a Survivor, Mine Your Own Business: Every organization has databases. Are yours working hard enough for you? Tucked away in your mailing lists, property files, donor cards, order books, and complaint files is a wealth of data you can organize into a powerful information resource. Profit by integrating company files tied to Internet/Email.

Lawyer Office Management Database Application. Overview and/or Download 30 day free trial offer.

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