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“If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance!”

Academic and Facility Management Planning Guide:
What Happens When Plan B Fails?
CEtechnology’s Integrated Campus Planning Guide – $1,500.00: Includes Physical Space Inventory, Building Condition, Environmental Assessment, and Emergency Management.
Today how is Academia going to address Faculty and Student Safety on Campus in light of 9/11? How will History Remember Us? By How We Measure the Value of Saving One Human Life! Check it out!
What You Put Into Your Campus Master Plan is Your Business. Helping You Get The Most Out of it is Ours!
Academic Planning & Facility Management Topics Covered.
Do you have what you think is a workable plan? Compare against our Campus Guide.
Is yours an academic-friendly community? See how your community measures-up!
Internet Collaboration: Your Strategic Planning and Emergency Management efforts can be made a part of working Collaboration Offices on the Internet. Collaborate What You Want, With Whom You Want, When You Want, and Where on the Web You Want! CEtechnology is only a click away!
Facilities are the largest component of your capital budget and they consume a significant portion of your annual operating revenues. The quality of education provided is in large part dependent upon the quality of facilities where instruction is given.
The 3 most important features of campus planning are “Location, Location, Location. Remember, You Have To Pay For Prime Real Estate! Think Geographically – GIS/GPS. Map campus sites, buildings and infrastructure to field position via overhead satellites; integrate geography with in-house data and campus physical map features.

Facility Management Database Application: It Helps to Speak the Language!
Addresses Buildings & Grounds, Infrastructure, and Physical Space Inventory:Building and Site Condition Assessment.Building and Site Characteristics Inventory.Capital Development Programs and Projects.Development Impact Analysis.Economic Development Analysis.Emergency Management (911/EMS).Environmental Assessment.Environmental Health & Safety.Facility Maintenance/Management.Facility Reporting and Analysis.Facility Siting.Fund Raising: Capital Campaigns Linked to Campus Physical Space and Signage.Institutional Research.Physical Space Inventory (PSI).Risk Management.Space Management.
A Multi-Campus Academic and Facilities Information System tied to CAD drawings and GIS maps that is accessible via the Internet by Campus Administrators and optionally the surrounding Community!
Physical Space Inventory Database Pricing is as follows:

1 User 6 User LAN Unlimited Internet Access $5,000.00 $7,500.00 $10,000.00 integrated with CEtechnology’s Building Condition,
Environmental Assessment, and Emergency Management: $7,500.00 $10,000.00 $12,500.00

Overview and/or Download 30 day free trial offer

With all the competition coming from Distance Learning, etc., traditional resource based education has to maximize the investments already made in facilities and infrastructure to be competitive. Coming together at a certain time and place comes with a price and government funding sources are looking for accountability and maximizing the return on public investment. CEtechnology’s Campus Planning Guide and Facilities Management Database Software can help you achieve these objectives.

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