Cheap Chinese tourists discover interesting facts about the Great Wall of China


The Great Wall is a great work of China and the world. This is a fascinating place to visit all the tourists when traveling in China. However there is the mystery of it, but not everyone knows.

1. According to information, the Great Wall 6276 km long, but in fact the whole works up to 8851 km, because it also has the trench walls and natural.
The total length of the Great Wall is 8851 km

2. Time build the Great Wall extends to more than 2,000 years. and the first part was built in the early eighth century BCE.

3. Name the Great Wall is located at the beginning of the 19th century, even before measuring it is known by many names such as forts guests, fenced or Dragon Land, …

4. The first European to set foot on the Great Wall as Bento de Góis – a Portuguese explorer. He came here in 1605.

5. There are many rumors that the mortar used to build the Great Wall has mixed with human bones. But it was all fabricated, Wall was built by many different materials: rubble, clay, wood, limestone, … .tuy from time to time.

6. The majority of cases were abandoned only a few small parts are preserved and restored. Even with the tiles are removed in order to build the Wall.

7. To stop the building in 1644 and since then not only build remodeling and repair.
People build the Great Wall of up to hundreds of thousands of people
8. The total number of participants build the Great Wall is estimated up to 800,000 people.

(. The Great Wall has been called the “world’s longest graveyard” by the hundreds of thousands who died during the construction process. And there are some people who are buried beneath the nail wall.

9. The school is the place where challenging sport. For example, in 1987, William Lindsay – Campaign marathon was run over 2,400 British km corrugation City.

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