Do You Want to Follow De Wandelcoach Training?


Do you want to become a Walking Coach but don’t know how to handle it?
Are you already a coach but sometimes failing to achieve the desired results with your clients? Do you want to learn that and discover how you can use nature in this?
Do you love nature and walking and do you want to coach people in an effective, compassionate and result-oriented way to more success, satisfaction, pleasure and health in their lives?
Do you want to learn how to make a flying start on the way to a successful walking coach company?
Then our inspiring, practical, compassionate and result-oriented Post-HBO Walking Coach Training is for you. The Walking Coach Training gives you a solid foundation for your career and company as a Walking Coach. You can approach your new field of work with knowledge, skills, self-confidence and pleasure.

Here you will find all information about The Walking Coach Training
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Video: Hilda Backus about walking coaching and The Walking Coach Training What do you learn in the Post-HBO Walking Coach Training?What do you get if you participate in The Walking Coach Training?Who is the Walking Coach Training for?The program of DE Chandelier Training Who are your trainers?Quality and recognition Why The Walking Coach Training of The Coach Office?Practical information: duration, dates, group size, locations What is your investment?Do you have questions?Do you want to register for the course?

Hilde Backus, founder of The Coach Bureau, about The Walking Coach Training

What do you learn in the Post-HBO Walking Coach Training?
Everything you need to become a good and successful walking coach.Practical, applicable and effective methodologies that help you achieve successful results together with your customers in nature. Our methodology has been scientifically investigated by the University of Groningen and valued by the research group with a 8.7.Background, trends and future prospects of Walking Coaching.More than 30 well-functioning and practically feasible Walking Coach exercises with which you achieve that your customers are open, motivated and head for their desired results.Insight into issues and problems that different types of customers have.Which type of customer and customer issue suits you and how you can best approach the customer.The professional attitude of the Walking Coach.Gain experience as a Walking Coach with (test) customers in an accessible, enjoyable and educational way.You discover your uniqueness as a Walking Coach, so that you can get off to a flying start in recruiting customers that fit your company.Targeted effective marketing tailored to coaches with which you can already start building your business during the course.A professional style of Walking Coaching that brings you to the table at companies, organizations and individuals.

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