Holi Status and Wishes (How to Express Holi Greetings to Distant Relation)


Holi is the festival to spread love and happiness all around the world. You meet and greet people throughout the day. But what about the people that are away from you? Will you be able to share your feelings on Holi 2020 with them? The way you could have if they were not away?

You will surely miss your loved ones because it is the day when most people return home. So that they can all celebrate Holi together. But in case, the people very much to you are not able to come what you will do?

It is also possible that you are the one who is away from home. You are missing everyone in your family and sitting alone in your hostel room. Maybe it is still a routine working day for you. And you can’t even touch a color powder and smell the Frying of Gujiya. Will you be able to express your feelings to your family?

Don’t be so sad. Everything is possible in this digital era. Even if you are at work on Holi, you can connect to your family through a video call. You can see all of them playing Holi on your computer screen while you are working.

This idea will also work for you if you are with family and someone from your family is away. You can also send gifts to that person on the occasion. In case sending gifts is not possible, you can send them wishes. Because it is very easy to send Holi Wishes, as you are now in 2020.

All you need is to take out your smartphone. Think of an amazing Holi Status, select a way to upload it. You can either update that status on your Facebook timeline or as a WhatsApp Status, or both of them. You should select some fantastic background image and write the status on to it. So that it looks superb.

If you don’t want to put on a public status and want to send Holi Greetings in private, it is also so simple. You can just inbox your Happy holi messages to the person you want to send your feelings.

So what to send? You can choose among many options. If the receiver is your love relation or spouse, you can send some romantic Shayari or love messages. You can also choose a sad Holi quote to tell them how much you are missing them on Holi. If the person is your friend or a sibling, you can send some friendly Holi quotes to them.

You can also send some loving and respecting quotes if the receivers are your parents. And if those old people love their regional languages, you should send your wishes in those languages. Either it is Punjabi Holi Wishes or Marathi Holi Wishes, you should go for it without even thinking about it once.

Expressing feelings and love is important. And it becomes an essential part of life when it is Holi. So decide quickly and say Happy Holi!

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