What Kind of Mom You’re Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac


Moms are always busy in nurturing their kids. Their traits are different according to their zodiac signs. Given below is a brief description of all zodiac signs as mothers. Their strengths and weaknesses are mentioned. 


Aries moms are confident, self-aware, brave and strong. They are obsessive, angry, self-centered and competitive. They are warriors. The ruling planet is Mars, so it has a deep impact on their parenting style. 


Capricorn traits as mom are well-planned, structured, traditional, consistent, thoughtful and patient. In some cases, they act like dad more than mom. Of course, they have sentimental and feminine elements too. Their disciplined nature makes them a perfect mother. They cultivate good habits in their kids to make them confident and successful. 


Taurus as a mother is stable and hard-working. They have good taste and common sense. Their weaknesses are materialism, vanity, indulgence and mood swings. Sometimes, they are strict and at other occasions they like to enjoy party. 


Gemini moms are open minded, versatile, curious, youthful, creative and original. These qualities make them a perfect parent. On the other hand, they are inconsistent, self-contradictory and impatient. They keep on lecturing rather than listening. 


Leo as moms is leaders, playful, confident and creative. Sometimes, they become self-centered which can have adverse impact on their kids. They are dramatic too and make an impression in their social circle. 


Virgo moms are intellectual, organized, sensible and analytical. They are judgmental which a weakness is. They are good at planning and organizing.


Scorpio moms are strong, resilient and intuitive. They have good will power. They have paranoia, abusiveness, emotional unavailability and intensity to a fault. They are quirky, controlling, intimidating and inspiring. Their parenting style depends mainly on their mood. 


Cancer moms are sensitive, devoted, sentimental, comforting and have good taste. But, they can be overprotective, jealous, and fearful and have mood swings. Their parent in style can be materialistic and matriarchal. They are nurturing, whihc is a positive quality. 


Libra as moms are patient, refined, fair and have good taste. Their weaknesses are vanity, snobbery and inconsistency. Libra gives importance to relationships. Their happiness is at the peak, when they live for others. So, they are the perfect moms. 


Aquarius is youthful, open-minded, fair and original. These traits are evident in them as moms. They are detached, permissive and dramatic as their weakness. 


Sagittarius moms are wise, adventurous and humorous. They have some weaknesses as well. These include impatience, spontaneity, bluntness, crudeness and lack of structure. They are freedom lovers. Parenting interests them a lot. They live in the moment and act on instinct. In fact, parenting is a major lifestyle change for them. They nurture kids really well. 


Pisces moms are creative, compassionate, imaginative and nurturing. They have a few weaknesses too. These are guilt, instability and manipulation. They are seductive and like to keep kids cozy but luxurious.

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