Why Hire A Retaining Wall Engineer In Texas?


Yes, the property looked pretty with all those rolling hills, but now you realize that your property is virtually unusable. How can you still retain that beauty without destroying it for your personal use? Build retaining walls that still leave some hills, but also give you some “flat” land that your family can use.

Building a retaining wall is no easy feat. It is not something that you should take on yourself. Not only is it backbreaking, and heavy materials, you could end up doing all that work, just to have it fall down. You want something that will last for years to come, even decades. Your best bet is to hire a company that specializes in just that.

There are experts in every state help you get the yard you deserve and also protect it. If you live in Texas, look up retaining wall engineering Texas, to help you with your yard. It is especially important and usually required to get a permit, if the wall will be higher than four feet, in some states, even less. Most walls generally are at least four feet and require backfill to help with drainage, making sure it will not topple.

If you will be having heavy items above the retaining wall, such as motorhomes, cars, or trucks, it is a good idea to consult with a company that specializes in Retaining wall engineering in Texas. This will ensure that you are following all local, and state laws for retaining walls. They will also have some ideas on how better to create a wall that will look right for your landscape and needs.

Feel free to check out magazines or websites, that can show you all the different ways to make a wall. You can have them terraced, or make multi-level decking of a backyard hill. There are many different kinds of materials to use for your retaining wall, These include concrete, wood, bricks, cinder blocks, or stone. Try to limit your retaining walls to a maximum of four feet. Any higher, and you may have problems with it later on. Consider doing multi-levels of retaining walls up the hillside. This will enable you to have multiple areas for recreation and relaxation.

The costs to have retaining walls built vary according to the materials, as well as the site preparations. The prices start at about $15 a square foot for timber, $20 for block, or concrete, and then $25 for stone.

It will cost an extra 10% if you use an engineer, or landscape architect, which is well worth the price if you really don’t have any ideas. Stone has a more natural look if you want it to blend in with nature. Some people incorporate plants that will gradually climb down the wall, and ass stone or rock steps, as well.

Before you hire someone, make sure to look at other people’s projects, either in a magazine, book, online or in person. Get your ideas of what you want, and stick with the plan. Don’t hire a company to get your quote, then keep changing your mind. This will drive up prices. If you already have your quote, the company gets all the materials at one price, but if you change plans, it will increase the prices, because now the company has to go get more, instead of already having it priced as one lot.

You will be so much happier with your tiered and useable yard. Have fun enjoying your new yard, with family and friends.

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