What Do You Get if You Participate in the Walking Coach Training?


Six inspiring and varied training days
We meet with the group on six days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., including the final meeting in which you present your (renewed) hiking coach company.
Six educational and executive walking coach assignment packages You prepare specific assignments in
preparation for and between the training days.
Personal feedback
You report your completed hiking assignments with your coach clients, and you receive personal feedback from a professional hiking coach.
Test clients
You learn by doing: you practice with test clients and we ensure that you can practice your coaching skills in practice, but safely and reliably.
Four intervision meetings
In the intervision meetings you practice, discuss your progress and support each other to achieve your goals. You do this on the basis of a clear and empowering format.
Practical coaching toolkit
You receive more than 100 accessible, handy and useful checklists that you can also use during the walks with your test clients.
Four specially selected books: in addition to the e-book ‘On the way to pleasure in your work’ from Hilde Backus you will receive three more books about coaching in nature, psychology of the coachee and starting your company.
Biweekly Step Questions
By reporting your (small) steps you see the progress and you are focused on achieving your goals: learning a sound and refreshing walking coaching method, the construction of your walking coaching company and your personal professional attitude.

The training felt like a warm bath

I enjoyed the first minute to the last second. It was a process of inner growth, of getting to know others and nature. A process of step by step learning to walk coach. It was the best of everything. I was getting closer to myself. The most important thing I learned during the training is appreciative and label-free coaching, actually seeing people, and (finally) myself. Thinking about what is possible, emphasizing what is successful and being present nearby. Nature does it. That’s right. My choice and my heart.

Julliette Akkers | Walking with Juju

Who is the Walking Coach Training for?
The Walking Coach Training is for you if you…
love nature, walking, people and coaching, and you have experience working with peoplewant to use nature as an instrument to coach people in a targeted way and to actually help them move forwardhas been coaching or walking coaching for a while, but it is not going very well and you want to get to grips with walking coachinghave your own company as a Walking Coach but are not sufficiently successfulwant to set up your own company as a Walking Coach and want to make a flying start with its promotion so that you are on your way to your first customerswith great pleasure if the Hiking Coach wants to showcase your qualities.
We offer the coaching training at HBO level. The study load is 169 hours.

I have learned to listen without judgment

I think the combination of the walking coach and the entrepreneurial profession in the training is very good. You learn not only the skills you need as a hiking coach, but also what is involved in setting up your own business. I would repeat the course in such a way (were it not necessary anymore).

I found the part with the inner critic special, it touched me and I also have that experience with my clients now. It is very valuable that I learned how nature can be used for coaching. Something that cannot be captured in words can often be ‘said’ with an image in nature. The written feedback on home assignments encourages deepening of your reflection, which is very useful. Regarding Hilde: I love her! So special to see how she works from her heart, she knows what she is talking about and inspires everyone.
My result of the training? I have discovered what I am good at: coaching doubting professionals towards self-confidence and future career choices that really suit them. I have learned to listen without judgment, to use nature in coaching, to set up my company and most importantly: I have satisfied customers. What else do you want?
Leonie Kroes Andante Coaching

The program of De Wandelcoach Training
The Walking Coach Training takes six months, with a monthly training day with the group. Each training day is dedicated to specific themes, for which you prepare with the interim assignments.
Day 1 – The Walking Coach
The profession of WandelcoachNature and health by professor of Nature Experience Agnes van den BergYour customers and their specific questions and wishesThe walking coaching route from A to ZAn effective (walking) intake interviewA good working start to your coach walk
Day 2 – Methods 1: Result-oriented and effective walking coaching
Positive walking coaching to desired resultsResult-oriented walking coaching towards suitable and sustainable solutionsClear structure of the first coach walkMatching walking and nature exercises
Day 3 – Methods 2: Walking coaches with depth and effect
Walking coaching with and to compassionStructure follow-up coach walksProfessional basic attitude of the Walking CoachAppropriate walking and nature exercisesCompassion stories on the move by Aat van der Harst
Day 4 – Nature as a coaching instrument
Richly filled Toolkit with varied walking and nature exercisesTree lesson from Boswachter / hiking coach Norbert KwintPersonal and professional practice with Forester / hiking coach Norbert Kwint
Day 5 – Dealing with coach bumps and successfully winning clients
Dealing effectively with problems in the walking coaching routeDesign your distinctive and unique business presentationTargeted and coaches focused effective marketing, so that you recruit the customers that suit you
Day 6 – Your Walking Coach Company
Design your unique walking coaching route for your customersHow do you sell your walking coaching route effectively?Present your hiking coach company in a clear, fresh and customer-oriented mannerFestive Certificate ceremony
The Walking Coach Training is given six times a year, three times in the spring and three times in the fall, in groups of up to 14 participants. Further on this page you will find more information, under the heading “Duration & data”.
Home and hiking coach assignments
Between the training days …
Do you practice sub-skills and parts of the coaching walk with (test) clients. You write evaluations about this.Practice what you have learned in four intervision meetings with the help of clear formats. You discuss your progress, your questions and support each other towards your desired goals.Read the accompanying literature.Reflect on attitude and behavior through assignments.You build your business on the basis of specific assignments.

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