Will Pollution Ever End?


Land pollution is one of the greatest battle ever faced by the people. It is continuously growing at a fast rate. The destruction of the Earth’s surface is because of the pollution done by man. Decades ago, this problem occurred during the Industrial Revolution. It was the era of advancements in technology and machinery. Due to the new equipment invented, it caused a bigger problem in our environment, affecting not only the land but also the water and the air. This issue has been brought today, and now, we are facing the adverse effects of pollution. Diseases and even death in living things are now rampant in the whole world.

Animals are starting to become endangered, and trees are cut down, reducing the process photosynthesis. Will pollution ever end? Do we still have a chance of living in a world free of any impurities and pollutants? Here are some of the things you need to know about land pollution:

  1. Causes

There are different causes of land pollution. Solid wastes like trash from factories, establishments and houses are one of the contaminants of the surface. Plastic, papers, bottles, food wastes, appliances, gadgets, and metals are some examples of trash that we encounter and throw every day. Another cause is industrial and agricultural chemical. These are harmful pesticides and substance coming from farms, hospitals, and clinics. If the land absorbs this, it can cause dryness and infertility. Deforestation also increases the risk experienced by the environment. Cutting too many trees can lead to land erosion and degradation. 

  1. Effects

The results of land pollution can damage and further destroy our environment. The soil is the number one element that can feel the harmful effects of contaminants. The earth may become barren, which is not the right area for planting crops. The fruits and vegetables may contain chemicals which are harmful to the body. Land pollution can also destruct the environment’s abundant natural resources. It can affect and pollute the beautiful places on Earth like its landscape and scenery. Animals may lose their homes. This may cause their death and extinction. If they can migrate, it will not be the same habitat anymore. The health of man can also be in danger. With the increase in chemical exposure, people are now more prone to have illnesses related to poisoning. 

  1. Solutions 

Although land pollution is challenging to tackle, humans have been consistent in advocating for the welfare of the Earth’s surface. There are conservation ideas which are developed and applied today to decrease the land pollutants. For instance, hazardous waste collection in Utah has been an ongoing service provided for the residents. It promotes care for the environment since the professionals collect, dispose, and recycle the chemical substances. Another popular method is by doing the 3Rs, which are reduce, reuse, and recycle. It helps lessen and manage trash effectively.

Earth needs help from humans today. Earth may have provided us with everything essential supplies like food, water, and shelter. But now, it needs our help. It is time to give back to our planet by promoting preventions and solutions to save the Earth.

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