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Roof lights and Velum windows
Roof lights are flat, slope and lie flush with the roof. Roof lights can be top opening or pivot in the middle. Roof lights are usually installed in the course of a loft conversion, though some Victorian properties have them already, albeit rather small. They are often used to give light to stairwells. Imagine ascending to your loft and then enjoying the view from a small balcony. If you haven’t the funds for a full conversion or you think obtaining planning permission may be difficult, there’s still much you can do to flood the room with light. Your windows will affect the mood of the loft. If it’s a children’s playroom, you may want four roof lights. If it’s an entertainment or movie room, you probably can stick with one or two. Two types of loft window are available for your sloping ceilings. One option is building ones that fit into the slope of the roof. Velum is the big name in this field and are very quick and easy to install in a day. If you have reasonable head space and plenty of room, fitting two or three of these is perfectly adequate.

Skylights and fanlights
Skylights are set in ceilings and roofs that usually do not open and are sometimes built up or domed to allow in more light. Fanlights are often semi-circular, above doors and also rarely open. Fanlights are typically located above front doors and are frequently painted with the house name or number or may be of patterned or stained glass. Skylights can be seen above stairwells or in rooms with flat roofs above.

Casement and top-hung
The most usual type of window, used in all types of houses. They are hinged to open along one side or across the top.These types are straightforward to install, widely available in different sizes and allow in plenty of light.

Sash window
Used in Victorian houses, a sash window consist of two sashes (or frames) positioned one above the other so that they can slide up and down to open. Although they look simple, sash window frames are extremely intricate and therefore tend not to be used for very small or out-of-the-way places. The balance of the pulleys in the frame allows a heavy window to be pushed up and they will remain at whatever level they are opened at.

French Doors
These doors, usual lead out into the back garden from the living room or dining room. Most French doors are made up of eight or more small panes of glass and are available in wood, PVC or metal. Some, however, have three, two or even one single pane of glass.

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