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Conservatories Conservatories are for all seasons. Done properly conservatories will bring you enjoyment for many years and will add considerable value to your property. With so much at stake it is vital to take your time and ensure that the type of conservatory and the company you choose to supply it are right for you. A reputable company will guide you through the entire process and advise on the style of conservatory to fit exactly into the space you have and the lifestyle you want. For conservatories it is especially important that you pick your spot well. The direction in which your conservatory faces will have a big impact on how you use it. Most people think that the best option for conservatories is south-facing but a word of caution, all that good sunlight means that you will need good ventilation.

In general terms if you want a room full of plants a west facing conservatory is best as it ensures indirect sunlight on summer afternoons and evenings. For a perfect breakfast room an east-facing conservatory will get plenty of morning sunshine. Even if your site faces north font be put off, you will still get lots of light. Just remember it will need heating for the winter. Get the size thatch right for you and your house. The best advice is to go for as big a conservatory as you can afford. You will want to spend huge amounts of time in your new room but font overdo it if you have a small garden. While many people are stuck with having a conservatory which is completely glazed it is worth taking a look at other types of conservatory as these may be more viable.

Consider conservatories that are sympathetic to the construction of your home. Combining a solid timber frame with a slate roof, blends with traditional properties, especially if the stonework is matched. As for furniture tastes will differ and each persons plans for using conservatories will be different. Dont use chunky, dark, light absorbing furniture but something that will make the room feel light and airy. Complement your furniture with the right plants and accessories. There is a wide range of furniture available for the conservatory from cane framed suites to fabric and upholstered pieces. Small 2 seater sofas make effective and compact use of space but take care with leather furniture which will need constant care to prevent cracking and overheating in the sun.
Flooring is another area that needs careful consideration. Natural wood flooring makes sense in a wood conservatory and offers many benefits. It is anti static and easy to keep clean and an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. It never goes out of fashion and each floor is unique and becomes more beautiful with age.
While rugs and floor squares will soften the atmosphere in the conservatory carpeting is not the ideal choice. Laminates and tiles are robust and good to look at. Although natural slate is popular it can be cold in winter. Again bear in mind the traffic that will flow through the room.
You can enjoy spending time in a peacefull and tranquil environment bathed in natural light even on the dullest of days. Choose carefully and you will have a relaxing room from where to enjoy the seasons and view your ever changing garden.

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