All That You Need to Know About Keys2drive Course


The Australian government provides a fund for a free lesson to foster the relationship between the driver who is applying for the driving license and their parent/supervisor.

LTRENT, which is a known driving school in Australia is also providing keys2drive courses with the help of their accredited driving instructors. This program has been created by the Australian Automobile Association and also its other members like –

  • AANT 
  • NRMA
  • RAA(SA)
  • RACQ
  • RACV
  • RACT 
  • RAC(WA)

Why should a parent/supervisor attend this?

Usually, before applying for a driving license all candidates having learner’s driving license will be accompanied either by their parents and supervisors throughout their journey of applying and finally obtaining the driving license.

Keys2Drive lesson will allow the parent as well as supervisors to experience what it actually feels like while teaching someone who is a raw person to learn how to drive.

What will happen during the free lesson?

The duration of this free lesson will be for 60 minutes when a driving instructor who is Keys2drive accredited will try to explain the approach of Keys2drive. He will also offer a few examples of using this lesson while learning to drive. 

The instructor will also offer a practical demonstration of the lesson to the parent/supervisor about how to implement the new Keys2drive approach.

The purpose of this Keys2drive free lesson will not be to replace the entire normal driving lessons but instead of that, it will complement them and also empower all the learner drivers to become much safer provisional drivers.

All the learner drivers will get training in the best possible ways to practice and help them gain more confidence while they will prepare for driving as a licensed driver and beyond.

Also, the parents/supervisors will come with the necessary tools to provide help to all learner drivers to achieve a good basic foundation for their lifelong safe driving.

Who is eligible?

This free lesson is meant for anyone who will drive with their learner license by displaying their L plates. Also, their parent/supervisor of the learners. The supervisor must be a fully licensed driver and he will usually accompany the learner while driving at school and parents must also be a licensed driver who may accompany a learner when they practice.

Only those learner drivers who have so far never driven solo earlier are eligible to apply for this. Besides, for getting a free lesson on Keys2drive, the learner driver should have an Australian learner’s driving permit. 

Those who already have international driving permits and want to upgrade their license to obtain an Australian license will not be eligible for such Keys2drive free lessons.

What to bring during the lesson?

  • The learner drivers must come with their parents and supervisor to attend this free lesson.
  • Learner drivers must bring their learner’s permit/learner license, and also a free lesson ID.
  • Parents and supervisors must bring their current driver’s license obtained in Australia.
  • Preferably learner must have around 10 hours of experience of driving before attending this Keys2drive lesson.

NRMA driver training has also accredited keys2drive instructors who are eligible to offer this free session.

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