5 Tips To Help You Learn Photography


Photography is not simply about taking random pictures here and there. Photography is an art in itself and like any form of art, it has some guidelines any artist should live by. 

Whether you aspire to become a professional photographer or you just want to learn how to take beautiful pictures for your Instagram page, you’ll need more than good equipment. Mastering these following basic photo shooting tips will ease the frustration many beginner photographers experience, while also allowing you to focus more on creativity, and less on technique.

1.Get The Right Camera For Your Needs

If you wish to go beyond shooting with your phone, investing in a good camera and an accessories kit will help you take beautiful pictures with more ease. According to what type of photography you would like to focus more, take some time to research the market, and learn all the aspects and utilities of your future tools. If you don’t like to read long manuals, there are countless videos, blogs, and reviews you can watch, made by professionals in the photography field.

2. Practice

No blog, book or forum will help you learn photography better than experience. Get accustomed to bringing your camera with you everywhere you go, and start shooting whatever you find interesting: people, scenery, buildings, and so on. The list is endless. Taking photos all the time will allow you to develop and unlock both your skills and your natural style. 

3. Understand Lighting

Time of the day and weather can influence how your photos will turn out. That’s why,  ignoring lighting is a huge mistake which can totally destroy the final result. Some genres  will turn out better on an overcast day, while others will be enhanced by the “golden hour.” Sometimes you’ll have to reschedule your outdoor shoots to wait for just the right conditions.

4. Join A Course

The best way to learn photography is by joining a professional course. The right one will offer you knowledge about all the tricks and techniques of photography, like how to shoot in manual mode, or how to take a sunset silhouette photo. A photography course can also  teach you how to groom your existing skills, and can even help you discover that what you thought was just a hobby, can actually turn into a career choice. 

5. Learn How To Master Post Production

Post-processing is fundamental to give power and meaning to a photo. A good image starts from a good composition and is ready to be delivered only after a deep post-processing. Programs like Lightroom or Photoshop can take your photography to the next level so learning how to use them will prove to be an essential skill. Post-producing a photo means bringing out the picture the photographer has in his mind while taking it. Tones, light or contrasts can be pushed or modified a bit, but post production doesn’t mean though that you are altering the photo by exaggerating the high dynamic range or using fashion presets. 

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