Choosing The Right Plumber for Your Pipeline Restoration


When looking to hire a plumber in Tinley Park IL there are some qualifications that a person should look for. They need to make sure they are getting a professional with knowledge of the field and someone that knows how to handle various plumbing issues. There are some tips for hiring a good plumber in Tinley Park IL.

Proper License

Many states require that a plumber be licensed to work in the state. The plumber has to meet all of the educational and training requirements to get this license. This is one way to know that a plumber has received proper training. A person will also be able to check with the licensing body in the state to see if there have been any complaints filed against the plumber.


Plumbers need to carry insurance and they may need to be bonded as well. Insurance is very important. If the plumber makes a mistake and causes damage to the job the insurance will protect the homeowner. The insurance will also protect the plumber if they are injured due to an accident. A good plumber will have the proper insurance.

Duration of the Business

When meeting with a plumber it is important to ask how long they have been in business. Larger companies will have additional staff members and often have plumbers with a lot of experience. It is still wise to ask about the company. If the company has been in business for a long time they often have a track record with satisfied customers and quality work. If a company has just opened it is important to ask about the experience.


Before hiring a plumber make sure to get the estimate on the job in writing. A person should look at what is included in this estimate. The finished job should be the estimated price. If a plumber does run into a plumber or finds additional damage the estimate may vary. A person should get the cost of materials as well as the wages or hourly rate. 

A person should get at least three different quotes so they can compare them. If an estimate is much lower or higher than the others this can be a warning sign. The very low prices may mean the plumber will use poor quality parts or take shortcuts to get the job done. If the price is much higher than the other estimates this can be a sign that they are being overcharged.


All plumbers should offer a warranty on their work for a specific amount of time. This warranty should include all the parts that were used on the job. The warranties offered by plumbers will cover the job for around one year. If the plumber is not willing to offer a warranty on their work it is wise to move on to another company.


Before hiring a plumber to be sure to ask for references and check out the references. The plumber should be able to provide references from other customers. If they do not have references or will not give them move on to another plumber. There are many websites where a person can find out information about the plumber and read real customer reviews. They should do their research to find out if the customers were happy with the work.

These are some tips for hiring a qualified plumber. If a person takes the time to find an experienced plumber this will reduce the chance of running into issues on their project.

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