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As with any home improvement, before buying flooring carefully measure and draw a simple outline of the room and where the room entrances are located. Be sure to include cupboards and any other home improvement areas that will need flooring.
Make a note of what the adjoining rooms are and what flooring is currently in those areas.
Make a note about how much natural sunlight enters the room, which direction the room faces, and any sliding patio doors.
Check what is under the existing flooring.
Whenever possible take along any furniture, wallpaper, and drapery fabrics from the room.
Decide what you want done with existing skirting boards.
Consider these important points to decide the suitability of different types of flooring for your home improvement:
How much traffic does this room get each day.
What is the room used for.
Will the room be used by pets.
Do you have a certain color in mind.
What are your personal expectations for the flooring.
How long do you want it to last.
Be sure to ask if the price quoted includes:
All subfloor preparation, all installation costs, removal of existing flooring, if needed moving of all furniture and appliances, all necessary materials for installing your new floor.
Questions to ask:
Are the installers independent or do they work for the store.
Who’s insurance covers installation errors.
Are all the installation materials the manufacturer’s recommended products, so the warranty will not be voided.
Before choosing a floor have the salesperson review with you the manufacturer’s warranty information as well as the manufacturer’s care and maintenance procedures.
Keep a copy of all documents for your reference.
Be sure to get all quotes in writing, including the amount needed, and a rough diagram of how they will install the floor and where all seams will fall.
Be sure to understand who is responsible for removing toilets, portable dishwashers and any other room fixtures.
Make a note about what groups, or organizations the store be associated with.
Always get all product information in writing including the manufacturer’s name, product name, style, color, and how the product will be installed.

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