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Garden furniture has become more sophisticated and while a picnic bench or folding chair was adequate now full scale entertaining in the garden has changed the need for comfort. Of course there is also a wide range of luxurious lounging furniture available. Designer garden furniture can also make a bold statement on the lawn or patio. If you are not buying all weather furniture then ensure that you have over winter storage. Softwoods can look attractive but require annual maintenance. Metal can be revitalized with a coat of paint. The bench can be a simple slab of stone or timber beside a narrow path. The traditional bench is as much part of the garden as the plants which is why it is often positioned within a bower or alcove. Garden furniture can be used to provide points of colour within a garden scheme in the same way as flowers. Simple chairs painted in a bright colour look great against a green background.
Freestanding furniture needs to be to be planned and positioned with care. On the practical side it has to be comfortable and in the case of dining furniture have have a firm surface to stand on. Loungers are best suited to decking or paving. Unless you are buying furniture as a set always check that the chairs are the correct height for the table. However good looking timber, stone and metal may be they are not comfortable for long periods and cushions are the obvious answer. They will need to be kept indoors when not in use. All furniture will benefit from being positioned in a well sheltered spot, screened by banks, hedges, walls or other types of screen.
A Summerhouse or Gazebo may seem like an extravagance but in large gardens can use a place to shelter or sit and in small gardens they make a great focal point. depending on position they can be shaped to give all round vision or be enclosed on some sides. The majority are made from timber which blends in better with a background of shrubs or trees. They are best sited where they can allow you to enjoy a fine or unexpected view. The size and style is restricted only by your imagination.

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