9 things lotto winners won’t tell you


Ohio Lottery winners look at the loss of their friends, the inevitable spotlight and the possibility of increasing their chances of getting rich.

Quick money, quick money:

Whether we make $ 50 million or $ 1 million, 70% of us will lose or spend all their money in less than five years.

To win the lottery: give yourself a second chance:

Always play secondary draws. Some games offer you to mail your losing ticket; others, that you go online to enter the serial number of this one. People often do not know that there is the possibility of a second draw or do not take the time to register, which increases your chances of winning.

Don’t stop playing because we won the lotto:

We continue to buy lotto tickets? Absolutely. And we are sure that we will win again.

You will be exploited, maybe even by your friends:

A friend told me with a sob that she was late on paying her property taxes and that she was going to have her house confiscated for this reason. After she left, I went to check her property tax file on the computer to realize that she was not late at all. I printed the page and sent it to him. It was the end of our friendship!

Many may seem a little:

If you win  $ 1 million and find yourself in a room full of lotto winners who have had $ 10 million or more, suddenly you feel poor. All is relative.

There is a price to pay for our impulse purchases:

After winning the lottery, we bought a luxurious residence of eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 930 square meters (10,000 ft 2 ), because we could afford it. Well, we are selling this house today because it is not practical for a family of four.

The real rich always look down on us:

Having won and moved into a neighborhood sought after and protected, we organized a nice housewarming party and invited all our neighbors. None of them came: they considered that we did not deserve our money… by hard work.

We are tired of money matters:

I go crazy when people ask me where I put my money, how I spend it and if I still have it. It would never occur to anyone to ask such questions to the president of a company.

You will no longer have the same friends:

All lotto winners think they will keep the same friends and do the same things. But if you have $ 50 million and want to spend the weekend in Hong Kong, you have to find someone who can afford to accompany you or be willing to pay for your guest. And we are quickly tired of paying for the others.

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