Precautions Before Buying Your First Turntable


HIGH TECH Far from the fashion phenomenon announced yesterday, the return of vinyl Records is lasting. Faced with the avalanche of discs on the shelves, we can now equip or re-equip with complete peace of mind.

First have fun. Bringing in or celebrating the return of vinyl at home is a bit of a militant act. It may also mean turning your back on digital, to rediscover the warmth of analog. Angele, Charles Bradley, Muse, Mylene Farmer, Johnny Hallyday, Alain Bashung, Flavien Berger, Jain… Vinyl has no age.

In 2017, 3.2 million new vinyl records were sold in France (source: SNEP). This is 4 times more than 5 years ago. If you like music, beautiful covers and good sound, it is not prohibited to complete your subscription to Spotify or Deezer to listen to music on your smartphone by purchasing a few pancakes to chew more religiously at oneself. So by that of a turntable.

Unless you opt for a record player that will no doubt be a bit gimmicky (but not without appeal), choosing your turntable requires paying attention to a few points. Direct or belt drive? The first mode is first to reserve for a more playful use and to play DJs. The second will remain the prerogative of more audiophile products.

Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic? Your future turntable will require more or less manipulation. If you want to make intensive use of it, opt for an automatic turntable whose arm will rest alone on the disc and will come back on its support at the end of the face of the disc. This also avoids over handling your precious pancakes and damaging them … And check before buying that the amplifier to which you plan to connect your turntable has a PHONO input. Otherwise, it will be necessary to invest in a preamp, or in an amplified turntable on which all you have to do is connect speakers.

Audio Vinyl Motion Air, by ION

Difficult to resist its charm. If it is inspired by record players of the 50s, the Motion recorder nevertheless digs the grooves of its time.

Transportable and also running on battery, it has its own stereo speakers. But you can also connect it via Bluetooth to an external speaker. Reading the 33 turns, the 45 turns, as well as the 78 turns of Grandpa, the device will be able to convert them into digital via USB. An operation which nevertheless requires going through a Mac or PC and using the software provided … The icing on the plate: an RCA input ensures compatibility with any audio player that we would like to connect.

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